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We help you reduce employees´sick time at your company by up to 17% in 

the very first year,thus enabling you to save at least $ 100,000 per year!


Reduce sick leave in your company by up to 20% in the first 12 months

Effectively counter absenteeism and presenteeism

Take advantage of one of the biggest untapped sources of potential savings for your business

Increase motivation among your employees, which significantly increases productivity

Develop your own customized instrument to implement at your company

Achieve a ROI of 1:5 within a short time -
An investment of $ 20,000 in the first year leads to annual savings of $ 100,000 and up

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Healthy employess in a healthy company – that's the goal!

We help you reduce employees´sick time at your company by up to 17% in the very first year, thus enabling you to save at least $100,000 per year!

We are THE specialists to bring your business the best in high-quality, efficient, and sustainable workplace health promotion.

High quality means integrating and implementing health into the business culture, rather than dealing with it in a vacuum.

Efficiency requires understanding the needs of employees (with an emphasis on targeted groups and equal opportunity), achieving the highest possible participation rate, and communicating program activities through diverse methods of information delivery.

We achieve effective corporate health promotion through implementing actions on the  levels of individual behavior, corporate culture, and management.

Corporate Health Consulting: the first and only corporate consultancy in Austria specializing in all areas of corporate health management. We operate in the DACH region of Europe as well as in the USA and Canada. Our specialty is strategically supporting our clients in the implementation and development of corporate health management strategies.
Feel the energy: your expert team providing holistic health promotion to companies and their employees in the areas of nutrition, movement, and mental health. We support businesses in evaluating mental stress in the workplace, and we help these businesses improve their employees' health, thus reducing sick time and its associated costs.

These quality criteria promise success through overall health improvement, and they ensure that the far-reaching effects of a corporate health promotion project do not get lost amidst everyday business. This is why we introduce sustainable, long-term changes to your employees.


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